Photo album Van Marken

Here are the pages of the album. You can click on the images and see an enlarged picture of the page and the photo. You will find more information on Van Marken and the photo album in 'About the album'.

1. The social institutions of Van Marken in Delft
2. General view of the yeast and alcohol factory
3. General view of the oil factory
4. Main entrance of the yeast and alcohol factory
5. The stills
6. The malting-house
7. Bottling of the gin
8. Corking and sealing the bottles
9. Packing of the yeast 10 years ago
10. Packing of the yeast today
11. Agneta Parc
12. Sunday in Agneta Parc
13. The bridge in Agneta Parc
14. 'The villa' with the dining halls
15. The dining hall in the villa
16. The billiard society in the villa
17. The community centre
18. The gymnasium
19. The gymnastic society 'Sparta'
20. Nursery school
21. Sewing class
22. School
23. Cooperative shop for the sale of food articles
24. Cooperative shop for the sale of clothes
25. Children's garden
26. Skittle club
27. Shooting club
28. The fire brigade
29. The Band, the musical society
30. A view of the Agneta Parc
31. Interior of a labourer's cottage
32. The lake. View of the house of Van Marken
33. Mr. and Mrs. Van Marken