Slovenians in the Netherlands
Chickens in the colony
Chickens in the colony
Cecilija Maček and Jožef Drenovec (behind) behind their house on the Venweg in Brunssum (circa 1948).
The first generation of Slovenians existed in their own world. There was a strong sense of fellowship and community since everyone lived in a foreign country and was struggling to keep their head above water. The men worked irregular shifts (day, evening or night), the women met up and did handicraft together. Daily life took place close to home and, for the most part, outside as everyone in the colony had a vegetable garden and kept chickens, a goat, geese or sheep. Checked teatowels flapped on the washing lines which were tied into the familiar clothing bag at the beginning of the shift. Everyone in the colony was addressed as teta (aunt) or stric (uncle).
Drenovec-Kozole 12