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The Rise, Organization, and Institutional Framework of Factor Markets

Introduction | Programme

Conference of Global Economic History Network
Utrecht, Utrecht University
June 23-25, 2005


Wednesday June 22, 2005
18:30 Dinner foreign guests at restaurant Luden (Janskerkhof 10)

Thursday June 23, 2005
Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21

9:00-12:30 First session
Chair: Jan Luiten van Zanden
Commentator: Patrick O'Brien

  09:00 Osamu Saito: Factor markets and their institutions in traditional Japan (I): Labour (.pdf, 157 Kb)

  09:20 Tirthankar Roy: Factor Markets in the Transition to Colonialism: India 1750-1900 (.pdf, 61 Kb)

  09:40 Peter Boomgaard: Labor, Land, and Capital in Pre-Modern and Early-Modern Southeast Asia (.pdf, 112 Kb)

  10:00 Kent Deng: Why Was the Factor Market So Weak in pre-Opium War China? (.pdf, 294 Kb)

  10:30 Coffee/tea break

  10:45 Comments by Patrick O'Brien, followed by general discussion

12:30 Lunch

14:00-17.30 Second session
Chair: Oscar Gelderblom
Commentator: Peer Vries

  14:00 Gareth Austin: Factor Markets in Nieboer conditions: Early Modern West Africa, c1500-c1890 (.pdf, 201 Kb)

  14:20 Bruce Campbell: Factor Markets in England before the Black Death (.pdf, 155 Kb)

  14:40 Sevket Pamuk: The Evolution of Factor Markets in the Ottoman Empire, 1500-1800 (.pdf, 202 Kb)

  15:30 Coffee/tea break

  15:45 Comments by Peer Vries, followed by general discussion

18:00 Dinner at Restaurant Selmat Makan, Voorstraat 100

Friday June 24, 2005
Belle van Zuylenzaal, Academiegebouw Domplein 29

9:00-12:30 Third session: Labour Markets
Chair: Maarten Prak
Commentator: Maxine Berg

  09:00 Jan Lucassen: Proletarianization in Western Europe and India: Concepts and Methods (.pdf, 144 Kb)

  09:20 Tine de Moor and Jan Luiten van Zanden : Girlpower. The European Marriage Pattern (EMP) and Labour Markets in the North Sea Region in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period (.pdf, 204 Kb)

  09:40 Christine Moll-Murata: Working for the State: The Chinese Labour Market for Manufacture and Construction, 1000-1900 (.pdf, 383 Kb)

  10:00 Stephen Broadberry and Bishnupriya Gupta: Cotton Textiles and the Great Divergence: Lancashire, India and Shifting Competitive Advantage, 1600-1850 (.pdf, 163 Kb)

  10:30 Coffee/tea break

  10:45 Comments by Maxine Berg, followed by general discussion

12:30 Lunch

14:00-16.00 Fourth session: Capital Markets
Chair: Bas van Bavel
Commentator: Oscar Gelderblom

  14:00 Jean Laurent Rosenthal and R. Bin Wong: No Tael? Tall Tales: Credit Markets and Economic Change in Europe and China, 1500-1900 (.pdf, 119 Kb)

  14:20 Jaco Zuijderduijn: Capital Market and Interest Rate in Medieval Holland (12th-16th-centuries) (.pdf, 72 Kb)

  14:40 Osamu Saito and Tokihiko Settsu: Factor markets and their institutions in traditional Japan (II). A note on capital markets (.pdf, 176 Kb)

  15:00 Coffee/tea break

  15:15 Comments by Oscar Gelderblom, followed by general discussion

Saturday June 25, 2005
Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21

9:00-12:30 Fifth session: Land Markets
Chair: Tine de Moor
Commentator: Maarten Prak

  09:00 Bas van Bavel: Land and Lease Markets in Northwestern Europe and Italy, c. 1000 - 1800 (.pdf, 176 Kb)

  09:20 Markus Cerman: Social Structure and Medieval Land Markets in East-central Europe (.pdf, 231 Kb)

  09:40 Kenneth Pomeranz: Land Markets in Late Imperial and Republican China (.pdf, 209 Kb)

  10:30 Coffee/tea break

  10:45 Comments by Maarten Prak, followed by general discussion

12:30 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Sixth session
Chair: Maarten Prak
Commentator: R. Bin Wong

  14:00 Wolfgang Keller and Carol H. Shiue: Markets in China and Europe on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution (.pdf, 2.34 Mb)

  14:20 Bob Allen, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Debin Ma, Christine Moll-Murata, Jan Luiten van Zanden: Wages, Prices, and Living Standards in China, Japan, and Europe, 1738-1925 (.pdf, 424 Kb)

  14:40 Comments by R. Bin Wong, followed by general discussion

15:30 Coffee/tea break

15:45 Concluding discussion

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