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Monthly wheat prices in Siena, 1546-1765

The datafile: spreadsheet, (.xls, 40 Kb)

This file contains monthly wheat prices in soldi per staio sense (22.84 litres). Part of the data are used in a paper by Nicholas Poynder, Grain storage in theory and history (.pdf, 40 Kb). Paper presented at the Third Conference of the European Historical Economics Society, Lisbon, October 29-30, 1999.

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The data have been collected from Giuseppe Parenti, Prezzi e mercato del grano a Siena (1546-1765) (Pubblicazioni della r. università degli studi di Firenze. Facoltà di economia e commercio XIX. Scuola di statistica) (Firenze, 1942), 38-41.

Weight: staio sense or 22.84 litres

Money: soldi of the lira (20 soldi per lira)

For international comparison, the silver content of the currency expressed in grams of silver is as follows:

   period	  lira	  soldi 
1542-1558	4,6480	0,23240
1559-1676	4,4576	0,22288
1677-1738	4,2838	0,21419
1739-1766	3,7824	0,18912

Source: Parenti, Prezzi e mercato del grano a Siena, 30-37.

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