Volume 41 supplement 4 (1996)



"Peripheral" Labour? Studies in the History of Partial Proletarianization

Shahid Amin and Marcel van der Linden, Introduction

Gyan Prakash, Colonialism, Capitalism and the Discourse of Freedom

Erick D. Langer, The Barriers to Proletarianization: Bolivian Mine Labour, 1826-1918

Juan A. Giusti-Cordero, Labour, Ecology and History in a Puerto Rican Plantation Region: "Classic" Rural Proletarians Revisited

Dilip Simeon, Coal and Colonialism: Production Relations in an Indian Coalfield, c. 1895-1947

Madhavi Kale, "Capital Spectacles in British Frames": Capital, Empire and Indian Indentured Migration to the British Caribbean

Samita Sen, Unsettling the Household: Act VI (of 1901) and the Regulation of Women Migrants in Colonial Bengal

Alain Faure, Sordid Class, Dangerous Class? Observations on Parisian Ragpickers and their Cités During the Nineteenth Century