Volume 49 part 3 (December 2004)




Diane P. Koenker, 'Scripting the Revolutionary Worker Autobiography: Archetypes, Models, Inventions, and Markets' [summary]

Wessel Visser, '"To Fight the Battles of the Workers": The Emergence of Pro-strike Publications in Early Twentieth-Century South Africa' [summary]

Research note

Dietlind Hüchtker, 'Strategies and Tactics: The Politics of Subsistence in Berlin, 1770-1850' [summary]

Suggestions and Debates

Michael P. Hanagan, 'An Agenda for Transnational Labor History'

Review symposium

Dirk Hoerder Cultures in Contact
Donna Gabaccia, 'Introduction'
Leslie Page Moch, 'Interpreting a Millennium of Human Mobility'
Marcelo J. Borges, 'Migrations in Latin America: A Cross-Cultural Perspective'
Franca Iacovetta, 'Some Comments on Canada, Women, Gender and Race'
Madeline Y. Hsu, 'The Recurring Problem of Chinese Ethnicity in World Migration'
Patrick Manning, 'Migration: A Millennium of Mesolevel Analysis'
Leo Lucassen, 'Where to go from here? New Perspectives on Global Migration History'
Dirk Hoerder, 'Response'

Book reviews

Peter Kirby, Child Labour in Britain, 1750-1870 (Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk)
Mathieu Deflem, Policing World Society. Historical Foundations of International Police Cooperation (Klaus Weinhauer)
Irish and Polish Migration in Comparative Perspective. Ed. by John Belchem and Klaus Tenfelde (Leo Lucassen)
Michael Seidman, Republic of Egos. A Social History of the Spanish Civil War (Manuel Pérez Ledesma)
Michael Seidman, A ras de suelo. Historia social de la República durante la Guerra Civil (Manuel Pérez Ledesma)
Chris Benner, Work in the New Economy. Flexible Labor Markets in Silicon Valley (Ursula Huws)
Uncovering Labour in Information Revolutions, 1750-2000. Ed. by Aad Blok and Greg Downey (Ursula Huws)
Ursula Huws, The Making of a Cybertariat. Virtual Work in a Real World (Nicole Mayer-Ahuja)
Steven High, Industrial Sunset. The Making of North America's Rust Belt, 1969-1984 (Robert Forrant)
Matthew C. Gutmann, The Romance of Democracy. Compliant Defiance in Contemporary Mexico (Jonathan T. Hiskey)



Notes on contributors