Catalogue of Materials on the pre-1949 Chinese Communist Party History and Workers' Movement at the International Institute of Social History

Compiled by Wu Yongping, 1995

The catalogue consists of 14 pages in Chinese characters, presented as images.

Foreword and Acknowledgements
1. This catalogue covers the books, microfilms, and periodicals in Chinese at the International Institute of Social History (IISG) and Sinological Institute, Leiden University on the pre- 1949 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) history, workers' movement, peasants' movement, and youth's movement.
2. The catalogue consists of the following six sub-subjects: before 1927, 1927-1937, 1937-1945, 1945-1949, existing researches on the pre-1949 CCP history, figures of the pre-1949 CCP history.
3. Each sub-subject includes the following three sections: books (including researchbooks, collections of materials, memoirs, and biographies), microfilms, and articles and essays.
4. Each clause in the sections of books and microfilms is given according to the order of title, author (translator, or editor) , publishingplace, publisher, publishing time, pagination. For the section of articles and essays, each clause consists of title, author or translator, periodical title, number and volume, and original source.
This project would not have been completed without the help of the IISG and Sinological Institute, Leiden University. IISG was generous in providing a grant while Sinological Institute offered necessary facilities to ensure the work's completeness. I am grateful to Professor Tony Saich for his helpful opinions about the classification of this catalogue. I must also thank Professor J. Kloosterman for his support to this project and for his patience with which he waited for this catalogue to appear.

Wu Yongping