Request for Permission to Consult a Restricted Access Archive

The Institute intermediates in requiring permission from the archive creator to consult archives which are subject to an access restriction. In order to obtain this permission, please submit a written request stating the nature of your study. You can complete the form below. The IISH has no influence whatsoever on the handling time of your request. It may take up to two months before the IISH receives the permission.
For more information please contact the Reading Room:

As soon as permission is granted, you are welcome to the reading room to consult the documents. Please bring a copy of the permit with your first visit to the reading room.

NB: for the archives CPN, J.M. den Uyl, C. Wiebes, and PvdA Tweede Kamerfractie permission is granted for specific files. Please motivate why you want to consult certain files and indicate the inventory number(s).

Request for permission to consult a restricted access archive

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