Texts by Tjebbe van Tijen

A Context for Collecting the New Media
Article published in 1993 in the Next 5 Minutes Video Catalogue, 1993

Fusing Interfaces
Library, Museum and Amusement Arcades, 1994

Over het archiveren van elektronische berichten / On the Archiving of Electronic Messages
Project proposal for the Occasio Digital Social History Archive, 1994

Ars Oblivendi
About the Construction of Our Collective Memory System
Article for the Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, 2-6 September 1996

Virtual Museums
Text for a telepresence lecture, given from the ICC Gallery in Tokyo to the conference on Virtual Museums by the ARCH Foundation in Salzburg on 8/5/1998

Digital Ways of Forgetting
Smashing Computers and Newer Forms of Cyberclasm, 1998

The Arts of Oneself
Twenty-six short tales on personal memoralia, 1998

Je bevrijden van de drukpers
Article on youth press in the Netherlands, 1945-1990, with extensive bibliography, originally published in 1991, revised 1999

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Having been educated as an artist in the early sixties, Tjebbe van Tijen moved into the experimental art scene of that time with environments, happenings and the like, ending up as the initiator of a documentation centre on art, technology and society in the late sixties. This last initiative carried him into the world of libraries and archives for a period of 25 years, as a conservator of the Documentation Centre of Social Movements. First at the University Library of Amsterdam, later at the International Institute of Social History, in the same town. Van Tijen's experiences from both disciplines culminated in a number of projects in which interactivity and visualisation in the realm of art were combined with the new area of 'human computer interfaces' for information retrieval and dissemination. Some of these projects and their backgrounds are featured in these texts.

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