Free Love and the Labour Movement

En amants de la vie, Par la camaraderie, Nous formons l'anarchie Papers presented at a workshop which was held at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, on 6 and 7 October 2000. It was the second session in a series of workshops on Socialism and Sexuality. Each paper can be downloaded from this page as a PDF file. All papers are also published in a printed volume in the IISH Research Papers series.

Denise De Weerdt, Free Love = Free Marriage? Free Love and the Belgian Socialists, 1880-1940 (PDF file, 9 pp., 105 Kb)

Dennis Bos, The Making of a New Sexual Morality in the Early Socialist Labour Movement in Amsterdam (PDF file, 7 pp., 63 Kb)

Lesley Hall, "Arrows of Desire": British Sexual Utopians of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century, and the Politics of Health (PDF file, 6 pp., 59 Kb)

Dieter Nelles, Anarchosyndicalism and the Sexual Reform Movement in the Weimar republic (PDF file, 7 pp., 89 Kb)
German version (PDF file, 6 pp., 91 Kb)

Gaetano Manfredonia and Francis Ronsin, E. Armand and "La Camaraderie Amoureuse". Revolutionary Sexualism and the Struggle Against Jealousy (PDF file, 8 pp., 98 Kb)
French version (PDF file, 9 pp., 101 Kb)

Saskia Poldervaart, The Recurring Movements of "Free Love" (PDF file, 17 pp., 145 Kb)