Barcelona, 1893-1897

Liceu theatreIn 1893 a sequence of bomb attacks started in Barcelona that would continue into the twentieth century. Paulino Pallás Latorre (1862-1893), a Catalonian-Argentinian anarchist, started it in September, with the attack on general Martinez de Campos during a military parade. The bomb did not kill the general but his horse. Latorre was arrested and prophesied shortly before his execution: 'Revenge shall be gruesome!' Salvador FranchOn 7 November of that same year he was proved right. A bomb explosion in the Liceu theatre during Rossini's opera Wilhelm Tell killed 20 people and wounded many more. The offender was Santiago Salvador Franch (1862-1894), dealer in smuggled spirits. Many anarchists were arrested, anarchist periodicals were suspended, and martial law was declared. It took two months before Franch was seized and brought to justice. He showed no remorse.

On 7 June 1896 a bomb exploded amidst a procession during a Corpus Christi festival in Cambios Nuevos. Six were dead, 45 wounded. The response of the government caused even more noise than the bombing itself. Hundreds of anarchists, both Catalonian and French, were jailed in Montjuich and torured. Finally, five anarchists were executed but probably all five were innocent. Prime Minister Antonio Cánovas del Castillo was responsible for the torture. The leftist movement campaigned against 'the Inquisition of Montjuich'. Michele AngiolilloThe accounts of an eyewitness, the Cuban-Catalan Fernando Tarrida del Marmól, shocked the world. The Italian anarchist Michele Angiolillo (1871-1897) was likewise impressed. He travelled to Spain on a counterfeit passport and found himself face to face with the prime minister in the thermae of Mondragon on 8 August 1897. His shot was fatal. Angiolillo is said to have addressed the wife of the dead man: 'I beg your pardon, Madam, I respect you as a lady, but I deplore the fact that you were married to this man.' Angiolillo was hanged on 20 August 1897.


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