Simon Radowitzky (1891-1956) and Chief of Police Ramón Lorenzo Falcón, 14 November 1909

Simon RadowitzkyWhen the Ukrainian Simon Radowitzky emigrated to Argentina, he was only 17 years old. But he was already an anarchist, experienced in politics and repression by the state. In 1909, he participated in the Labor Day demonstration in Buenos Aires that was rudely suppressed by the police, with 8 dead and 40 wounded. Out of revenge, Radowitzky decided to throw a bomb at chief of police Falcón, just when he returned home from a funeral. Radowitzky was sentenced to death, but it was commuted to life imprisonment because he was barely 18. In 1930 he was released after a campaign in his favor. He took part in the Spanish Civil War and worked for the anarcho-syndicalist trade union federation CNT. He was interned in a French concentration camp after the war, but he managed to escape to Mexico. In bad health, he ended his days as a worker in a Mexican toy factory. He also gave lectures and published in anarchist periodicals, together with Augustin Souchy.


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Augustin Souchy


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