Volume 53 supplement 16 (2008)


IRSH 53 supplement

Return of the Guilds

Edited by Jan Lucassen, Tine De Moor, and Jan Luiten van Zanden

New approaches in economic, social, labour and institutional history have re-examined guilds - not least within the framework of a re-appraisal of the classic distinction between the "capitalist" and "pre-capitalist" modes of production. These fresh approaches are unravelling the reasons why guilds were established, and why they could maintain themselves so long. International comparisons have fostered this rejuvenation of guild studies; awareness is growing that guilds are not just a European phenomenon, but have been prominent all over Northern Africa and the Middle East, as well as in many parts of Asia, including China and Japan. This volume attempts to set up a comparative framework to analyse the functioning of guilds from West to East, in the period between Classical Antiquity and the Industrial Revolution.


Maarten Prak Preface: S.R. Epstein (1960-2007) and the Guilds

Jan Lucassen, Tine De Moor, and Jan Luiten van Zanden The Return of the Guilds: Towards a Global History of the Guilds in Preindustrial Times [summary]

Clare Crowston Women, Gender and Guilds in Early Modern Europe: An Overview of Recent Research [summary]

Hugo Soly The Political Economy of European Craft Guilds: Power Relations and Economic Strategies of Merchants and Master Artisans in Medieval and Early Modern Textile Industries [summary]

Onur Yildirim Ottoman Guilds in the Early Modern Era [summary]

Tirthankar Roy The Guild in Modern South Asia [summary]

Marie Louise Nagata Brotherhoods and Stock Societies: Guilds in Pre-modern Japan [summary]

Josef Ehmer Rural Guilds and Urban-Rural Guild Relations in Early Modern Central Europe [summary]

Luca Mocarelli Guilds Reappraised: Italy in the Early Modern Period [summary]

Tine de Moor The Silent Revolution: A New Perspective on the Emergence of Commons, Guilds, and Other Forms of Corporate Collective Action in Western Europe [summary]

Christine Moll-Murata Chinese Guilds from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries: An Overview [summary]

Jan Jansen From Guild to Rotary: Hunters' Associations and Mali's Search for a Civil Society [summary]