Volume 57 part 2 (August 2012)


IRSH 57-2

Marcel van der Linden, David Montgomery (1927–2011)

Chitra Joshi, 'Dak Roads, Dak Runners, and the Reordering of Communication Networks' [summary]

E. Attila Aytekin, 'Peasant Protest in the Late Ottoman Empire: Moral Economy, Revolt, and the Tanzimat Reforms' [summary]

Frank Wolff, 'Eastern Europe Abroad: Exploring Actor-Networks in Transnational Movements and Migration History, The Case of the Bund' [summary]

Review Essay

Rosemarijn Hoefte, 'Plantations and Labour in the Caribbean in the Long Nineteenth Century'

Tine De Moor, 'What Do We Have in Common? A Comparative Framework for Old and New Literature on the Commons'

Book reviews

Mary Gabriel Love and Capital. Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution (Jan Gielkens)
Leif Jerram Streetlife. The Untold History of Europe's Twentieth Century (Diederick Klein Kranenburg)
Leon Fink Sweatshops at Sea. Merchant Seamen in the World's First Globalized Industry, from 1812 to the Present (Niklas Frykman)
Dorena Caroli Histoire de la protection sociale en Union soviétique (1917–1939) (Anna Borisenkova)
Prisoners of War and Forced Labour. Histories of War and Occupation. Ed. by Marianne Neerland Soleim (Christian G. De Vito)
Jonathan Curry-Machado Cuban Sugar Industry. Transnational Networks and Engineering Migrants in Mid-nineteenth Century Cuba (G. Roger Knight)
Joan Sangster Transforming Labour. Women and Work in Post-war Canada (Ester Reiter)
Dilip Subramanian Telecommunications Industry in India. State, Business and Labour in a Global Economy (Samita Sen)
Mohammad Talib Writing Labour. Stone Quarry Workers in Delhi (Jan Lucassen)
Maurizio Atzeni Workplace Conflict. Mobilization and Solidarity in Argentina (Maria Ullivarri)



Notes on contributors