- New Burmese collection: the Palaung Women's Organisation (PWO) has deposited their archives at IISH (December 2011)
- New: 4th Supplement to the 3rd ed. of the 'Guide to the Asian Collections at the IISH' (November 2011, 48 p., PDF, 509 Kb.)
- The FIDOC Collection (see Newsitem February 2010) has been processed and is accessible. The Finding Aid is available here (October 2010)
- New collection on Sri Lanka: Records of the Central Zone Commission (CZC) and the All Island Commission (AIC) of Inquiry into Disappearances of Persons in Sri Lanka
- New: 3rd Supplement to the 3rd ed. of the 'Guide to the Asian Collections at the IISH' (June 2010, 38 p., PDF, 530 Kb.)
- After a long wait a new edition of our Asian periodicals list is now available. (June 2010, 120 p., 800 kb)
- From Images Asia (Chiangmai, Thailand) IISH received a huge collection of video-footage and photographs relating to Southeast Asia, with special emphasis on Burma.
- From Burma Project (OSI, New York) we received a big collection of video material mostly relating to Burma. The collection consists of documentaries, newsreels, conferences, movies etc.
- FIDOC (Filippijnen Informatie en Documentatie Centrum = Philippines Information and Documentation Center) ceased their activities. The magazine- and documentation collection was donated to IISH, the library went to the Philippines. (February 2010)
- New Indonesian collections and accruals to existing collections: PKI, de Putter, Dianto Bachriadi /Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA) and Gunawan Wiradi. See: Indonesian Acquisitions 2006-2009
- Accrual to our Malaysian collections. See: Malaysian Acquisitions 2008-2009
- Burmese periodical collections received from Euro-Burma Office and Open Society Institute/Burma Project.
- From Maarten van Dullemen we received his library, mainly dealing with Vietnam. Earlier we received his private archive which held a large quantity of magazines related to Vietnam and the Anti Vietnam War Movement.
- From Yindee Lertcharoensok (Thailand) we received a big documentation collection on Burma and some issues relating to Thailand.
- Small accrual to the collection of Akbayan Citizen's Action Party (Philippines)
- New: 2nd Supplement to the 3rd ed. of the 'Guide to the Asian Collections at the IISH' (June 2009, 34 p., PDF, 595 Kb.)
- The first collection from Sri Lanka: papers from the Nava Sama Samaja Party (NSSP) - Link pages updated (May, 2009)
- The first Supplement to the 3rd ed. of the 'Guide to the Asia Collections at IISH' is now available.
- A new addition to our Burmese holdings: the archives of the National Health and Education Committee (NHEC). See: Acquisitions Burma 2006-2008
- New addition to our Indonesian collections. See: Indonesian Acquisitions 2006-2008
- New archive acquisition for Malaysia. See: Malaysian Acquisitions 2008
- New 'Guide to the South Asian Oral History Collections at IISH' now available.
- Online photo-exhibit on Protest Demonstrations in several Asian countries: http://www.iisg.nl/collections/megaphone
- Text on the history of IISH now also available in Burmese (January 2008)