Acquisitions Burma 2009-2011

- Palaung Women's Organisation (PWO)
Late 2011 IISH received archival records from the Palaung Women's Organisation (PWO), both in electronic form as well as hardcopy. Access to the collection is restricted.

- National Health and Education Committee (NHEC)
Early 2011 we received the second batch of the NHEC archives. The archives are not yet accessible.

- Images Asia
May 2010 IISH received the collections of Images Asia in Chiangmai, Thailand. Images Asia was founded in 1993 as an alternative media production group involved in documentation, film, video and multi-media productions. They developed into full service production company that specializes in TV production and co-ordination, feature films, documentary, corporate video production as well as current affairs and programming. They were also engaged in implementing material and non-material development projects with the aim of empowering the people they worked alongside. Images Asia maintained a library of video footage and photographs from throughout the Southeast Asia region spanning the last eighteen years, with specific attention to Burma. This library has now been deposited at IISH. The books and magazines will be added to the IISH library, the video and photographs collection will remain as a separate Images Asia collection. Access to the collection is free. The collection still needs to be processed though.

- Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)
An important addition to the already present archives of the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) was received.