Zo d'Axa

Adventurer, traveller, anti-militarist, individualist, satirist, journalist, founder of two of the most legendary French magazines of the 1890s, L'Endehors and La Feuille, Zo d'Axa (1864-1930) led a turbulent life. On the occasion of an exhibition on Zo d'Axa to be opened at la Galerie "Mouvements" (46, rue St. André-des-Arts, Paris) on January 17, 2001 we offer a selection from his writings, a modest gallery of portraits and some biographical texts, among them a note by Mme Béatrice Arnac d'Axa, his grand-daughter, which has not been published before.

The following texts are available (in French):

From L'Endehors (1891-1893):

"***", pp. 11-13
"Le néophyte Cacolet", pp. 93-98
"Les lyncheurs", pp. 116-121
"Nous", pp. 122-125
"L'impossible suicide", pp. 126-129
"À Paris! Les mineurs", pp.170-175
"Le cas du Chien", pp. 223-224
Texts scanned from anthology L'Endehors (Paris 1896)

From De Mazas à Jérusalem (Paris, 1895):

"Petites coulisses", pp. 42-46
"Car l'oeuvre dont j'ai l'orgueil ...C'était L'ENDEHORS", p.57
"Ta-ra-ra-boum-de-hay!", pp. 88-95
"Sans but", pp. 99-102
"Dans la rue", pp. 249-253

From La Feuille (1897-1899):

"À toute occasion", pp. 5-10
"Le Candidat de 'la feuille'", pp. 109-120. Illustration by Steinlen
"Aux Électeurs", pp.131-138. Illustration by Steinlen
"Il est Élu", pp. 139-146
"Enfants martyrs", pp.233-244. Illustration by Steinlen
"Au Biribi des Gosses", pp. 245-254. Illustration by Luce
Texts scanned from anthology les feuilles (Paris 1900)

From La revue blanche, 1895:

Zo d'Axa, "Une route", premier semestre, pp. 204-209
Zo d'Axa, "Si tu m'aimes", deuxième semestre, pp. 301-303

Biographical texts:

Béatrice Arnac d'Axa, Notice biographique (2000)
Victor Méric, "Un 'Endehors'. Zo d'Axa", dans: Les Hommes du Jour, 1921, pp. 1-5. Illustration by Steinlen
Lucien Descaves, "d'Axa", dans: Les hommes d'aujourd'hui, nº 409, vol. 8, pp. 1-4. Illustration by Anquetin
Max Nettlau, from: Die erste Blütezeit der Anarchie: 1886-1894 (Vaduz, 1981) pp. 264-266 (German text)

The IISH holds an excellent collection of publications by and on Zo d'Axa. Please consult our online catalogue.

We thank Ms. Béatrice Arnac d'Axa for her cooperation.