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150 Dutch posters from the IISH collection

The International Institute of Social History (IISH) has about 30,000 posters from the Netherlands. This site features 150 of them, reflecting a cross-section from the collection that starts in 1870 and runs until 1997. All conceivable subjects and injustices that ever concerned the Dutch figure in these historical documents. Many posters appear here not because of the subject they address, but because they are especially attractive and are the work of well-known designers and artists.

The 150 posters may be accessed in three different ways:

- by subject, including explanatory notes,
- chronologically, a list of all 150 posters.

Would you like additional information?
- More about the other IISH poster collections,
- Click here for literature about Dutch posters.
- Postcards of several posters are for sale.

This site is the digital version of an exhibition at the National Trades Union Museum in Amsterdam, 1998-1999.

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