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  • Cornell Modern Indonesia Collection A series of studies from the Cornell Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP). The 'Interim Reports' deal with topics ranging from the 1965 coup to the Japanese Occupation, elections, decentralization, foreign policy, the role of the nation's armed forces, and the status of Chinese citizens in Indonesia. Original documents translated and published by CMIP include speeches from independence leaders such as Sukarno, Sjahrir, and Hatta, as well as significant studies authored by Indonesian intellectuals, economists, and politicians. CMIP Monographs tend to focus on contemporary Indonesian politics, but include anthropological and social analyses as well. The Bibliographies illuminate a range of works that were important to research on Indonesia in the middle of the century and after.
  • National Archives of The Republic of Indonesia
  • WWW-VL History Index. Indonesia

  • Data Archives

    • Human capital hub of the CLIO-INFRA initiative As part of the CLIO-INFRA, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Debrecen has taken the initiative to set up this website on human capital data. Our mid-term plan is to extend the activities of the hub into an online community of Scholars working in this field, providing them with a forum and hosting their data and research papers. Our long-run plan is to create a comprehensive dataset on human capital with annual and historical data and a global coverage. The site provides data, papers and links. The hub is maintained by Péter Földvári and Bas van Leeuwen.

    Special Topics

    • INDOC database on Indonesian labour The INDOC database contains 17,858 references to articles on labour in Indonesian newspapers since 1996. At the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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