Volume 43 part 3 (December 1998)




Sigrid Koch-Baumgarten, 'Trade Union Regime Formation under the Conditions of Globalization in the Transport Sector: Attempts at Transnational Trade Union Regulation of Flag-of-Convenience Shipping' [summary]

Special theme

Conscription as Military Labour: The Middle East Experience

Jan Lucassen en Erik Jan Zürcher, 'Conscription as Military Labour: The Historical Context'

Khaled Fahmy, 'The Nation and Its Deserters: Conscription in Mehmed Ali's Egypt'

Erik Jan Zürcher, 'The Ottoman Conscription System, 1844-1914'

Stephanie Cronin, 'Conscription and Popular Resistance in Iran, 1925-1941'

Book reviews

Robin Blackburn The Making of New World Slavery. From the Baroque to the Modern 1492-1800 (Stanley L. Engerman)
Social Security Mutualism. The Comparative History of Mutual Benefit Societies. Ed. by Marcel van der Linden (Michael Hanagan)
Donald Winch Riches and Poverty. An intellectual history of political economy in Britain, 1750-1834 (Arnold Heertje)
Marie-France Piguet Classe. Histoire du mot et genèse du concept des Physiocrates aux Historiens de la Restauration (Lout Bots)
Jan Pakulski and Malcolm Waters The Death of Class (Bryan S. Turner)
Judith G. Coffin The Politics of Women's Work. The Paris Garment Trades 1750-1915 (Louise Tilly)
John J. Kulczycki The Polish Coal Miners' Union and the German Labor Movement in the Ruhr, 1902-1934. National and Social Solidarity (John Belchem)
Pamela Beth Radcliff From mobilization to civil war. The politics of polarization in the Spanish city of Gijón, 1900-1937 (Angel Smith)
Oleg Grigor'evich Bukhovets Sotsial'nye konflikty i krest'ianskaia mental'nost' v rossiiskoi imperii nachala XX veka. Novye materialy, metody, rezul'taty (Tatyana Moisseenko)
Charles van Onselen The Seed is Mine: the Life of Kas Maine, a South African Sharecropper, 1894-1985 (Peter C.W. Gutkind)



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