Pakistan Acquisitions 2004-2005

- Mubarak Ali
Earlier this year the institute received papers from Prof. Mubarak Ali. Mubarak Ali is a pakistan historian, born in Tonk, British India 1941. He headed the department of history at the University of Sindh, Pakistan for more than twenty years and was director of the Goethe Institute in Lahore, Pakistan until 1996. He published books and articles in English and Urdu on Pakistan history in the twentieth century and wrote in particular on the partition of India, the role of the Communist Party, the new start of Pakistan since 1947 and the rewriting of Pakistan history for ideological reasons for instance by the Jamaat- i- Islami which opposed the Pakistan Movement.
The papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, conference papers and articles and book reviews published in Pakistan newspapers and periodicals on Mughal India, British India and the partition in 1947 and particularly the role of Moslems, Islam and Islamic themes.
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- S.M. Jaffar
Last year (2004) the Institute received additional materials to the S.M Jaffar papers already present in the 'Progressive Movements of Pakistan' Collection.
This year the different Jaffar collections have been brought together in one collection and made accessible through a list.
S.M. Jaffar was born in Sialkot, Punjab, British India 1910, and died in Islamabad, Pakistan 1979. He studied at Edwards College in Peshawar from 1927-1931 and worked in the thirties and forties for the Judicial Commissioner in the North West Frontier Province. He was professor of history at Islamia College in Peshawar, director of the Peshawar Museum and director of the Department of Archives in Peshawar under the Government of West Pakistan in the fifties and sixties. He is author of publications on the history of Muslim India.
The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts and other documents concerning his academic career, the management of the Peshawar Museum and the Department of Archives in Peshawar, and his research and collecting activities on the history of Afghanistan, India, Iran and Pakistan and the fate of these collections after his retirement and death.
See also: http://www.iisg.nl/archives/nl/files/j/10936075full.php

- Mine Workers in Pakistan
See for all relevant information on this project/collection:
Mine Workers in Pakistan

- Collection Progressive Movements in Pakistan
Documents concerning progressive movements in Pakistan collected by Ahmad Saleem of the Gohar Research Institute of Pakistan (GRIP) in Lahore, consisting of some reports, pamphlets, copies of periodicals, clippings and some other documents of the Communist Party of Pakistan, the Pakistan National Awami Party, student organizations, regional and other organizations (1940, 1947, 1965-1990, 1996-1997); some files of cases against communists suspected of conspiracy (1922, 1924, 1927); copies of periodicals and clippings, including cartoons (1948, 1953, 1955-1956).
During the years 1998-2004 the Institute received a large amount of additional documents. the collection will continue to be regularly updated.
A preliminary list of the collection is available.