Philippine Acquisitions 2008-2011

Sixto Carlos, Jr.
An accrual to his collection was received (2011)

FIDOC - Filippijns Informatie en Documentatie Centrum (Philipine Information and Documentation Center)
After having stopped with their activities FIDOC donated it's magazine and documentation collection to IISH. The collection is a wonderful addition to our existing Philippine collections. Both Collections have been processed, the Finding Aid for the documentation collection can be found here In the meantime we received additional materials from FIDOC.(October 2010).

Akbayan Citizen's Action Party
The Akbayan Citizen's Action Party is a left pluralist national political party represented in the Philippine House of Representatives; Akbayan was successfull in winning one seat in the House of Representatives in the 1998 National Elections; in the 2001 National Elections were two seats the result and in the 2004 National Elections three seats; in the 2007 National Elections only one seat was the result.
First deposit of the Akbayan collection contains Press clippings on the activities of the Party (2004-2005) and a big collection of photographs (ca. 3100) from the period 1998-2006.

Sixto Carlos, Jr.
Identity papers 1998-2000; letters of appeal and documents on his release from prison 1982-1983; drawings by children of political prisoners 1981; file on the removal of his name from the Plaza Miranda Bombing (August 21, 1971) blacklist 1971-1972; documentation 1965-2006.
See also: www.iisg.nl/archives/en/files/c/11054704.php

Luzviminda A. Santos Papers
Documents on the political situation in the Phillipines and in particular on the policy of and the internal conflicts in the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and on the first regular assembly of the League of Revolutionaries 1992-1995.
Access to the collection is free.
See also: www.iisg.nl/archives/en/files/s/11043489.php