General Acquisitions 2003-2006

Recently the Institute acquired two archives from regional organisations in Hong Kong:

- Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples (ACPP)
Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples (ACPP), formerly the Center for the Progress of Peoples (CPP), is an independent organisation based in Hong Kong with an Asian focus. It was founded in 1979 when groups and individuals of the Catholic Church, committed to Justice and Peace work in Hong Kong, saw beyond the needs of the Territory and realised the urgency of an Asian-level involvement.
ACPP works with all people of good will to promote human rights, remedy social injustice, and promote genuine, holistic human development. It has been serving justice and peace network in the Asia-Pacific region for 25 years, through its Hotline Aisa project, by issuing urgent appeals, education material, such as social concern notes with Catholic Social Teaching, and through networking.
Access to the archive is restricted

- Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC)
AMRC is an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) researching Asia-Pacific labour concerns since its establishment in 1976.
The Centre supports a democratic and independent labour movement promoting the principles of labour rights, gender consciousness, and active workers' participation.
AMRC provides information, consultation, publications, documentation, and internships, and conducts research, training, advocacy, campaigns, labour networking, and related services to trade unions, pro-labour groups, related NGOs, academics, researchers, and professionals on labour issues.
Access to the archive is restricted