Indian Acquisitions 1995-2000

- Charu Majumdar
Contains handwritten notes in Bengali of 69 speeches and documents by Charu Majumdar (leader of the Communist Party of India, Marxist-Leninist). The 199 pages of notes cover the period 1965-1972 (the year of Majumdar's death).
The notebook was collected from Prodyut Kumar Roy in Calcutta by Shubhashish Debnath, who donated it to IISH. Documents concerning the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Charu Majumdar (1997); photocopies of some letterws from prison by Majumdar to his wife Lila (1963, 1965- 1966).

- Collection Mandi-Garo
Addition to the Collection Mandi-Garo, ca. 15 cm. pamphlets and brochures.

- Communist Party of India (CPI-ml).
Periodicals, leaflets and realities (calendar, buttons, photographs etc.) from the Communist Party of India (CPI-ml).

- Naxalbari Movement
Videotapes with interviews with followers of the Maoist Naxalbari Movement on uprisings in 1950 and 1967. The movement was of great historical importance in India (and worldwide) as the first and most successful example of the export of the Maoist revolution beyond China.

- P.C. Joshi archives
Recently a set of inventories of the Archives of Contemporary History (Jawaharlal
Nehru University, New Delhi) have been received. These rich archives were formerly known as the P.C. Joshi archives. The inventories consist of seven volumes:
Volumes 1-3: Archival collections: Indexes 1917-1925, 1926-1949, 1950-1975
Volume 4: Index of Old Party Journals (The Masses of India, National Front, New Age, People's War, People's Age, Communist, Cross Roads, For a Lasting Peace for a People's Democracy)
Volume 5: Index of Books
Volume 6: Index of Pamphlets of the Communist Party of India and other organisations 1914-1975
Volume 7: List of Documents on Special Sections (Conspiracy Cases,Marx & India, World War II, Lenin, Nehru Legacy, Biography, World Communist Conference 1969, Philip Spratt, Russian Revolution and India, Bangladesh, Gandhi and Gandhism, SCP and Peace, V. Chattopadhyay Papers, Kanpur General Strike, Interview, 1857, Folksongs, League Against Imperialism, M.N. Roy)